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Practical and Tactical Handcuffing

The PATH® training course is the most complete and innovative handcuffing course in the country. Handcuffs are the most often used tool by officers, yet training is severely lacking. Proper training in the use of handcuffs is vital to officers. Through a combination of practical exercises and classroom instruction students will learn the following and more.

  • Apply state of the art tactical concepts such as:

    • the safest approach and positioning for handcuffs

    • positioning for handcuffing

    • handcuffing non-compliant subjects

    • prone and kneeling handcuffing

    • removing handcuffs

    • the use of various types of handcuffs

  • Avoid liability suits through:

    • certified training

    • proper resistance and control management

    • reducing injury to officers and subjects

  • Benefits include:

    • increased performance, efficiency and speed

    • increased safety

    • improved decision making

The PATH® training program is non-product specific. Both the PATH® Basic and In-house Instructor courses are taught by My Brother's Keeper, LLC with the permission of Personal Protection Consultants (PPC), Inc. Click here for more information about PPC, Inc.

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