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Personal Protection Control & Defense (PPC&D®) Course

Most confrontations are resolved peacefully with verbal and non-verbal communications skills, but a small percentage of the time physical control and defense skills must be used by officers. The Personal Protection Control & Defense (PPC&D®) training program was organized to provide officers with the skills needed to control aggressive individuals and to defend themselves against assaults. Through a combination of practical exercises and classroom instruction students will learn the following and more.

Course Outline

  • Levels of Control in Self-Defense

  • Levels of Control by Law-Enforcement, Security and Caregivers

  • Resistance and Control Management

  • Available Control Options

  • Four General Levels of Control

  • Officer and Individual Factors and Escalation Through the Levels of Control

  • Levels of Resistance and Control Diagram and Dynamic Resistance Response Model

  • Recognizing Aggression

  • Sample Use of Force Policies

  • Post Control & Defense Guidelines

  • In-Custody Deaths and Excited Delirium

  • Agency Policies and Procedures

  • Elements of Reporting Resistance and Control

  • Principles of Balance, Movement, Center and Reaction Time

  • Relative Positioning

  • Three Ranges of Physical Defense

  • Evading Aggression and the Clock Principle

  • Introduction to Control & Defense Skills

  • Escorting an Individual

  • Disengaging

  • Directing an Individual to a Prone Position and Prone Control

  • Supine Control

  • The Effects of Pressure or Impact to Nerve Centers

  • Zone of Safety and Defensive Blocking

  • Personal Weapons and Vulnerable Areas of the Body

  • Reasonable Target Selection and Target Levels

  • Characteristics of Defensive Skills

  • Science of Energy and Motion

  • Defensive Counter-Strikes

  • Introduction to Ground Defense

  • Introduction to Holstered Weapon Retention

  • Introduction to Static Weapon Defense

  • Methods of Instruction (Instructor Course)

Both the PPC&D® Basic and In-house Instructor courses are taught by My Brother's Keeper, LLC with the permission of Personal Protection Consultants (PPC), Inc. Click here for more information about PPC, Inc.

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