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What is a security assessment?
What sorts of risks might an assessment identify?
How is an assessment done?

Security, threats, safety, assessments, etc., can have different meanings for everybody. Our goal is to make sure that you feel safe in your respective environments whether that be at home, work, church, or any environment. Our initial meeting will be to determine what your respective needs are and how to proceed with the assessment. Upon completion of the assessment a summary will be provided and discussed with the client.

A security assessment is a critical on-site examination and analysis for the purposes of:

  • Determining existing security conditions

  • Identifying security deficiencies related to existing conditions

  • Determining the level or amount of protection needed

  • Making recommendations for improvement

Risks generally fall into three categories:

  • Personal Risk

  • Property Risk

  • Liability Risk

The basics on how we conduct an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses:

  • Site inspections

    • Outer perimeter

    • Inner perimeter

    • Daylight/darkness

  • Interviews

    • In person

    • Written questionnaires

  • Document reviews

    • Operational/security policies and procedures

    • Building floor plans

  • Key issues

    • Physical security

    • Electronic security applications

    • Environmental design

    • Staff/volunteer procedures

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