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Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB®) Introduction with Strategies for Controlling and & Restraining Agressive Behavior

In this hands-on course, participants will go through the MOAB® Introduction with a Strategies for Controlling and Restraining Aggressive Behavior session.

Course Outline

In-depth study of all components of the MOAB® Introduction plus the topics listed below.

Strategies for Controlling and Restraining Aggressive Individuals

  • Introduction to Physical Control Skills

    • What will you gain from this course?

  • Safety Rules

    • Wearing of Jewelry, Pat Out, Practice, Etc.
  • Principles of Balance

    • Positioning your body
  • Principle of Movement

    • Forward shuffle
    • Rear shuffle

    • Lateral shuffle

  • Principle of Center

    • Strength of your Center Line

  • Non-Contact Escort

  • The Desensitizing Touch
    • Applying the desensitizing touch

  • Entering the Personal Zone

    • Passive Individuals
  • The Basic Escort

    • From Desensitizing Touch
  • Resistive Escort

    • Defense from Escort Position or Desensitizing Touch
    • Escape from Escort Position or Desensitizing Touch

  • Direct to Prone Skills

    • Straight Arm Technique
    • Bent Elbow Technique

    • Lateral Thigh Technique

  • Prone Position Control Skills

    • Horizontal Straight Arm Control
  • Disengaging from Prone Control Skills

    • How to Disengage
  • Approaching and Separating Two Individuals

    • Verbal Aggression
    • Physical Aggression

  • Special Situations

    • From Escort Position
    • From Chair Position

    • From Prone Position

  • Testing and Evaluation

All of our MOAB® courses are taught by My Brother's Keeper, LLC with the permission of MOAB® Training International, Inc. Click here for more information about MOAB® Training International, Inc.

My Brother's Keeper, LLC offers five classes about the Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB®). Click on the buttons below to see details about each.

MOAB® Intro with

& Restraining Aggressive Behavior

MOAB® Intro with

Physical Confrontation

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