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Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB®) Introduction Course

During this interactive session you will learn strategies to avoid physical harm and learn to manage anxious and aggressive behavior through state of the art principles and techniques. The use of simple interactive exercises enables the student to retain the knowledge and skills taught in the classroom setting.

Course Outline

- What is Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB)?
- MOAB Objectives


- Violence in Society, Healthcare Facilities, Law Enforcement and Security

Strategies for Preventing and Diffusing Aggressive Behavior

  • Behavior and Intervention

  • Mental Conditioning

  • Plan, Identify and Act

  • Methods and Communication

    • Non-Verbal Communication

    • Personal Space

    • The Reactionary Distance

    • Eye Communications

    • Gestures, Postures and Facial Expressions

    • Signals to look for and understand


  • Stages of Conflict & Management

    • 1. Conflict

    • 2. Stage I: Anxiety

      • a. Recognizing Anxiety

      • b. Anxiety Triggers

      • c. Managing the Individual’s Anxiety

      • d. Listening

      • e. Five Levels of Listening

      • f. Empathetic Listening

      • g. Supportive Verbal Communications

      • h. Supportive Verbal Communication Skills

      • i. Understanding Fear & Panic

      • j. Fear and Panic Create Dysfunction

      • k. Mind and Body Stress Feedback Loop

      • l. How to break the Stress Feedback Loop

    • 3. Stage II: Verbal Aggression

      • a. Recognizing Verbal Aggression

      • b. Managing Verbal Aggression

    • 4. Stage III: Physical Aggression

      • a. Recognizing Physical Aggression

      • b. Managing Physical Aggression

      • c. Cornering

      • d. Diversions

        • i. Diversions that can be used

        • ii. Approaching

      • e. Multiple Individuals

        • i. Positioning


Testing and Evaluation

All of our MOAB® courses are taught by My Brother's Keeper, LLC with the permission of MOAB® Training International, Inc. Click here for more information about MOAB® Training International, Inc.

My Brother's Keeper, LLC offers five classes about the Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB®). Click on the buttons below to see details about each.

MOAB® Intro with

& Restraining Aggressive Behavior

MOAB® Intro with

Physical Confrontation

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