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Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB®) Introduction with Strategies for Managing Physical Confrontation

In this hands-on course, participants will go through the MOAB® Introduction with a Strategies for Managing Physical Confrontation session.

Course Outline
In-depth study of all components of the MOAB® Introduction plus the topics listed below.

Strategies for Managing Physical Confrontations

  • Introduction to Personal Defense and Safety Skills

    • Two Basic Types of Assaults on People

    • Two Methods of Assaults

  • Use of Control Management in Self Defense

    • Two Categories of Physical Force
  • Types of Assaults

    • Most Common Types
    • Other Common Types

  • Personal Defense Weapons

    • Head, Thumbs, Palms, Heal of Hand, etc.
    • Vulnerable Areas of the Body

  • Levels of Control Management

    • Personnel/Individual factors
  • Acceleration through the Levels of Control Management

    • Clinical predictions of dangers
    • Important considerations

  • Levels of Control Management Diagram

    • Defense from Holds
    • Front Choke response options

    • Rear Choke response options

    • Bear Hold response options

    • Wrist Grab release options

    • Arm Twist response options

    • Bite response options

    • Hair Pull response option

  • Defense from Stationary (Static) Strikes

    • Punch (head) response options
    • Kick (groin) response options

    • Armed Threat response options (supplemental)**

    • Rear Weapon response options (supplemental)**

    • Edged Weapon response options

    • Thrown Objects response options

  • Defense from Moving (Dynamic) Attacks

    • Response options
  • Testing and Evaluation

  • **Supplemental techniques are based on agency needs and are not mandatory.


All of our MOAB® courses are taught by My Brother's Keeper, LLC with the permission of MOAB® Training International, Inc. Click here for more information about MOAB® Training International, Inc.

My Brother's Keeper, LLC offers five classes about the Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB®). Click on the buttons below to see details about each.

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